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Winters Heritage House Museum Names What’s Now Known as H.U. Coble House

For many years, the house at 33 E. High St. hasn’t had a name.

The house is owned by the Winters Heritage House Museum at 47 E. High St. and is used for many museum programs. But the stately Victorian house had no name of its own.
At least seven physicians had practiced medicine from the building, starting with Dr. Howard L. Hain in 1947 and most recently Dr. Miles Newman.

“It was always ‘Doc Newman’s old office’ or ‘the Victorian house next to the Heritage House,’” said Phil Clark, president of Elizabethtown Preservation Associates, which runs the museum.

That changed on Saturday, June 29, as the building was dedicated as the H.U. Coble House in honor of Henry U. Coble, a stone cutter who lived there from 1877 until he died in 1920. Coble’s business involved carving and setting tombstones as well as carving stonework for various public buildings and private homes.

Clark said the use of the initials instead of the full name was a matter of Coble’s preference.

“He very seldom used the name ‘Henry.’ He always signed things, ‘H.U. Coble,’” Clark said.

Larry Coble, a great-great-grandson of H.U. Coble, was a special guest at the ceremony along with Carol Coble, a great-granddaugher. Larry Coble said his ancestor made gravestones that stood out.

“They were bit, tall elaborate things that he sold,” Larry Coble said, adding that H.U. Coble might have learned the stone carving trade from a cousin, Augustus Coble, who also made gravestones in the area.

But Larry Coble said the new name for the house might take some getting used to.

“I still call the building ‘Doc Newman’s office.’ A lot of people do,” he said.

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