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West Donegal Supervisors OK With Leasing Office Space to Recreation Authority

West Donegal Township supervisors have agreed in principle to lease vacant space on the lower level of the township building to a regional recreation authority.

Greater Elizabethtown Area Recreation & Community Services currently leases office space in Elizabethtown Area Middle School, but the Elizabethtown Area School District wants to bring sixth grade classes back to the middle school and will need the space now leased by GEARS to accommodate the additional students.

Township Manager John O. Yoder III told supervisors at their meeting on Monday, Sept. 9, that the price of $24,280 per year that was paid by a previous tenant, the Elizabethtown Regional Sewer Authority, seems like a fair price. One difference is that ERSA was responsible for clearing snow from both sidewalks and the parking lot and GEARS would only be responsible for clearing snow from the sidewalks. Yoder said the sewer authority, which has since moved to its own building, had trucks suitable for clearing snow and GEARS does not. The Northwest Regional Police Department substation is not part of the space to be leased, so it will not be affected. A one-year lease is planned.

Yoder said he will tell GEARS that township supervisors are on board with the idea and can work out a formal agreement.

Also at the meeting, supervisors got their first look at the budget for 2020. One thing cut from the budget was a contribution of $8,260 to the Lancaster County Drug Task Force. The task force asks municipalities to contribute $1 per resident to the task force, which West Donegal had phased in starting in 2015; it was paying the full amount requested by 2017. The task force sent back a Northwest Regional officer who had been working on the task force because the municipalities the agency serves, West Donegal and Mount Joy townships, had not paid the full amount requested. Mount Joy Township paid nothing in 2013 but paid the full $9,873 requested starting in 2014.

In other business, supervisors agreed to put several unused public works tools up for auction as well as to approve creation of a “flag lot.” Such a lot is a property that has no street frontage other than a driveway leading to the street; the name comes from a shape in which the driveway looks like a flagpole and the rest of the lot looks like a flag flying on it. The flag lot is being created by dividing an existing lot at 1776 Stonemill Drive, Elizabethtown; it needs to be approved by the planning commission next.

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