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Mount Joy Borough Discusses Sidewalks Again


Special to the Advocate

The Mount Joy Borough Council again addressed the borough’s controversial Streets and Sidewalk Ordinance requiring homeowners to pay for sidewalk and curb construction in front of their residences when their streets are repaved. Impacted residents voiced opposition to this ordinance at prior council meetings.

At the meeting on Monday, March 4, councilors considered a motion to accept the Mount Joy Borough PlanningCommission’s recommendation that council hire a neutral professional consultant to assist drafting criteria and amendments to the Borough’s Streets and Sidewalk Ordinance. The majority of councilors spoke against this recommendation, stating that the issue would be best resolved by council responding directly to community input. Hiring outside consultants, it was felt, could delay revision of the ordinance. The motion was defeated with Joshua Deering and Mary Ginder voting for and Lu Ann Fahndrich, David Feuerstacke, Jon Millar, Michael Reese, and Brian Youngerman voting against. David Eichler was absent.

Mayor Tim Bradley spoke against the Planning Commission’s recommendation.

“Democracy has spoken but we are being slow-walked toward business as usual,” Bradley said. “Does the Planning Commission have consultants make their recommendations?”

Council directed the Public Works Committee to propose a criteria-based plan for revising the ordinance by May 2019. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s pedestrian corridor study is to be considered.

Also at the meeting, Delta Street residents protested Amtrak riders using the parking spaces they normally employed.

“It’s public parking; we don’t own the spaces,” Council President William Hall replied. It was noted that the new station, when completed, will also provide Henry Street access which should relieve the pressure on parking.

In other business, a motion to pave Cherry Alley in 2019 was approved with the sidewalk requirement waived. Deering, Ginder, Feuerstacke, Millar, Reese and Youngerman voted in favor. Fahndrich voted against the motion, saying this was a piecemeal approach to the sidewalk issue.

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