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Letter to the Editor: Writer Panning Green New Deal Would Be Wise to Read It

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Before discounting the Green New Deal as an impossibility it would be wise to read the details of the proposition. In a letter to the editor published May 23 (“Green New Deal Is Wrong Way to Prevent Global Warming”), a writer provides seven initiatives that would be better than the seeming illogical policies proposed in the Green New Deal. Ironically, five of seven of the writer’s initiatives are also found in Green New Deal presently proposed by the Democrats. The writer proposes three initiatives also found in the Green Party’s Green New Deal.

If it is rhetoric that we are buying then it would appear those who are discouraging it are also selling it to us. Emotional claims have been made for and against the revolutionary concepts of the Green New Deal. However, discounting the plan as simply an insurmountable prospect underestimates the ingenuity and propensity for innovation that has made our nation great.

When we look at the achievements of the past like that of Roosevelt’s New Deal it was not incrementalism that saw us through the Great Depression into a new prosperity. It was radical change that propelled us forward. We should not be discouraging visionary plans that seek to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, end unemployment, and increase our health and education. We should be embracing them as ideas that we already share.



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