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Letter to the Editor: We Don’t Have to Look Far for Example of Corporate Greed

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Corporate greed. I use that term in describing one of Lancaster County’s largest and longest employers. Armstrong Flooring, which separated from Armstrong World Industries in April 2016, employs approximately 170 hourly workers at its facility on Dillerville Road. These employees belong to United Steel Workers Local 285 and have been working in good faith without a contract since October 2017.

In April, Armstrong announced that President and CEO Donald R. Maier’s salary soared 86.4% in 2018. He received $4.3 million last year and $2.3 million in 2017. And then a week after that he and the company mutually decided to go their separate ways. Armstrong’s top five executives also received large raises to their salary. While the top executives get their hefty salaries, hourly employees have worked since October 2017 without a raise.

That is one of the current problems in America, and if that is not the definition of corporate greed, well, then, this writer has no idea what corporate greed is.



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