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Letter to the Editor: Please Listen to Michael Martin About EASD Property Taxes

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In the article, “E-Town Students to Learn Trade Skills as Pre-Apprentices,” (Advocate, May 16), Diane M. Bitting reported the following quote by Michael Martin: “For the second year in a row ( I ) have asked for more information on the proposals to see what a lower tax increase would look like and haven’t been able to get that information.”

Michael Martin is a school board member and parent of two children in our schools. He is a successful local small business owner. He is a 38year resident of our community.
I believe the other candidates running on the Republican ticket; Caroline Lalvani, Craig Hummer, Terry Seiders, and Karen Sweigart need to see that their colleague gets the information he has requested. They advertise themselves as the “Republican Team for Elizabethtown Area School Board” promoting fiscal responsibility by controlling non-essential spending and reviewing all budget items.

As a school tax payer I find it quite troubling that the board is raising the school tax but not disclosing information on proposals to Michael Martin to see what a lower tax rate might look like.

It is my prayer that you will all cooperate and worked together to provide a quality education at a price the taxpayer can afford. Need I remind the board that many senior citizens are on a fixed income.

Please listen to Michael Martin for our sake and give him the information he has requested before the final vote on the 2019-20 budget.



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