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Letter to the Editor: Pennsylvania Needs to Support Clean, Reliable Nuclear Power

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Pennsylvania gets more than 93% of its clean energy from nuclear power. Because solar and wind don’t produce power 24/7, significant backup power is required to keep the lights on.

If we don’t have nuclear for that backup, more fossil fuel power plants will be required. Is it any surprise the oil and gas industry is spending massive amounts lobbying Harrisburg to let nuclear go away?

Fracking has made natural gas cheaper by kilowatt hour. Nothing else matters. But no 24/7 energy source has the resiliency of nuclear to always be there, decade afterdecade. But because resiliency is not considered, nuclear is disadvantaged.

Legislation by state Sen. Ryan Aument, R-Mount Joy, would add a third tier to the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Credit Program, which requires 18% of power to come from a tiered list of alternate sources by 2021. Tier III would be added for nuclear energy under Aument’s bill.

Aument has done his homework and has held numerous public hearings. No one complains that solar and wind have been subsidized for decades but, contrary to the claims made by LNP, Aument’s legislationisn’t a subsidy. It’s also not a bailout asclaimed in ads sponsored by the oil/gas industry.

The cost of letting Three Mile Island and our other nuclear plants close is far higher than the $3 a month estimated by the Public Utility Commission for Aument’s legislation. Lancaster County’s dirty air will get worse when more fossil fuel is burned to make up for the loss of nuclear.


Rapho Township

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