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Letter to the Editor: Only One GOP Congressman Has Courage to Do Right

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When President Richard Nixon was informed that the Senate would definitely vote against him, it wasn’t Democrats who gave him the news. It was a group of Republicans who revered the Constitution — and supported a virtuous law-abiding role model as national leader — who visited the White House that fateful day. These Republicans informed Nixon that although they agreed with his philosophy and programs, they couldn’t continue to support a person whose actions were so blatantly illegal and counter to all for which this country stands, and who obviously didn’t tell the truth to Congress or the country.

The Mueller report carefully documents numerous instances of criminal actions by President Donald Trump. Where are the Republicans today with high regard for our Constitution, who don’t support the president’s questionable and illegal actions? The lack of integrity, abject cowardice and the silence of Republicans makes them enablers and supporters of the most incompetent and corrupt president in our history.

If Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama had said or done one-tenth of what Trump has said and done, these Republicans would be yelling bloody murder and declaring for impeachment.
We see only one profile in courage — only one lonely, vilified and ostracized Republican in Congress with the courage and honesty to finally say that the emperor has no clothing. Only one, and neither Congressman Lloyd Smucker nor Sen. Pat Toomey has been willing to stand up and speak out. Oh, how far the Republicans have fallen from their traditional policies of decency and propriety.



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