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Letter to the Editor: Let’s Hear From Experts on Both Sides on Climate Change

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There has been much discussion about climate change. Is it real? What effect has mankind had on it?

The following are my thoughts and a suggestion: I believe climate change is very real and has been happening for thousands of years. We have documented that North America at one time was covered by a huge ice sheet. We know that ice sheet is gone and the Great Lakes were formed as a result of ice movement.

Now the question is, what caused the ice to melt? There was no human activity, so that means there was some type of natural occurrence causing Earth to warm. I believe Earth has been warming and cooling since God created it.

The above thoughts are those of one person of average intelligence.

My suggestion: Let’s assemble 10 persons who are scientifically qualified from each side of this discussion and have them debate the facts about climate change.


East Donegal Township

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