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Letter to the Editor: Kamala Harris Should Find ‘Joy’ Without Marijuana

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In a televised interview Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., stated that marijuana should be legalized in the United States, for the purpose of “joy”! She said we need “joy” in our lives.

Is “joy” smelling like marijuana?

Is “joy” keeping marijuana out of the hands of children and teens?

Is “joy” the high driver who causes automobile wrecks and fatalities?

Is “joy” the grief of an individual who has lost a loved one due to the choice of using marijuana, which led to hard drug use because of its legalization?

I suggest you find “joy” in God and all he has given us:

Engaging in a hobby or sport

Becoming a student of a special interest

Developing friendships


Seeing the beauty in nature and people without ingesting a mind-altering substance

It seems Kamala Harris was against legalization of marijuana and now an advocate as she vies for the presidency.


West Donegal Township

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