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Letter to the Editor: How Can Christians Support Amoral Politicians?

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Can a follower of Jesus be a follower of President Donald Trump? Is anti-abortion a sufficient moral cover for the sins of social neglect? These are the questions indicting the voter as much as the president. Especially as this is the case in one of the most Christian counties in the nation.

Placing their utterances in comparison, incompatibility comes to mind. Jesus said, “Love your enemies and be kind to those who persecute you.” Trump said, “I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard,they’ve never been hit like that.” Jesus healed the poor and needy, stating that “if you do this unto the least of society, you do it unto me.” The president separates the families of immigrants to deter their entrance into our midst.

Jesus spoke of others as children of heaven. The builder of vain towers utilizes the appellations of “crooked,” “crazy,” “lying” and “cheating” to denigrate his adversaries. Can the twain ever meet?

Possibly. I am not an orthodox Christian, yet I strive to follow the way of Jesus. My consternation comes with those who claim to be Christian and endorse the amorality of Trump.
What did Jesus have in mind when he said, “You cannot serve two masters”?



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