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Letter to the Editor: Homelessness is Result of Lack of Personal Responsibility

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A 2016 survey reported 564,708 homeless in the United States (likely more); the city of “brotherly love” reported 5,700; Lancaster, about 360.

We share the 39,000 homeless veterans. At risk are 48 million able-bodied unemployed, high school dropouts and 600,000 prison releases each year.

Marvin Olasky’s book “The Tragedy of American Compassion” reveals how government programs have failed America’s disadvantaged. A revival of American compassion and generosity is sorely needed; paying attention to, educating and employing the disadvantaged around us; many, the product of out-of-wedlock birth and dysfunctional homes. Economic as well as spiritual and moral ties to community benefit everyone.

Government handouts, begun by the impersonal FDR “New Deal,” bought votes, but robbed the disadvantaged of incentive and self-worth; beginning the entitled society. The bigotry of low expectations (a reason Dems want open borders?) is now a feature of American “culture” along with inequality and notably absent responsibility.

Handouts exceeding minimum wage ensures entitled society continuity, but handouts are no value match for a personal hand up; for teaching personal responsibility, raising self-sufficiency and restoring self-esteem; all of which hinges on strong families and a home where all future success for our youth is built on a strong foundation.

“Open borders” Dems continue to show our nation’s disadvantaged; they have no use for them beyond their votes. Sad and shameful!


West Donegal Township

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