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Letter to the Editor: Green New Deal Is Wrong Way to Prevent Global Warming

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It’s worrisome when officeholders illogically disregard science or when science takes a back seat to emotional and sensational claims, i.e., eliminating all fossil fuels. This impossibility is presented with wildly irrational exuberance by linking “global warming.”

Before buying this rhetoric, recognize two facts: 1) fossil fuels provide more than 80% of all energy used in the U.S. It’s an illogical expectation for all cars, trucks, buses, trains and planes to operate without fossil fuels. 2) Wind and solar provide less than 3% of our total energy, and they require fossil fuels.

Attempts to turn our world upside down typically get little attention, but include “global warming” and everyone pays attention. The U.S. alone changing the global climate seems an impossible undertaking. Fifty years of U.S. incremental step improvements can be enhanced by 1) keeping viable nuclear plants operating; 2) licensing and constructing new generation small modular reactor nuclear generators; 3) insisting that current hydroelectric generation continue; 4) encouraging building new dammed or pumped storage hydro generation; 5) converting gas and diesel trucks, buses, farm tractors and construction equipment to natural gas; 6) ending the wasteful ethanol program;
7) increasing efforts to convince major global carbon dioxide generators to change their ways.

Each of these seven initiatives is a logical approach that will make a measurable improvement in airborne CO2 levels without harming our citizens. The Green New Deal would punish Americans for climate conditions we alone are not responsible for, harming everyone.


West Donegal Township

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