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Letter to the Editor: Governor Will Have to Answer for Apologizing for Prayer

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Gov. Tom Wolf: I watched the news March 26 where you were apologizing for all Pennsylvanians because a speaker prayed to our God and Lord Jesus Christ and it offended a Muslim woman. Please do not apologize for this Pennsylvanian, as the speaker was amazing to show her belief and made me very happy. Her prayer was very appropriate, and we should not fear stating our beliefs, as other religions are permitted also.

I applaud her speech, and I am sure God is blessing her and smiling upon her. Someday you will be kneeling before our Lord Jesus and have to answer as to why you are apologizing for this. Shame on you, and in the future please apologize for yourself, not all Pennsylvania residents, as not everyone agrees with your opinions.

As you have heard many times, our country was based on our belief in God and Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t forget “freedom of speech.” There is no wrong time to thank our God for all that he has provided or blessed us with.


Mount Joy

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