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Letter to the Editor: Northwest EMS Does Great Work, Deserves Our Support

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We were very distressed by the front page article concerning our local EMS and their financial problems (“EMS Company Faces Serious Financial Woes,” Advocate, Dec. 6).

On Aug. 20, my husband had a serious accident on the roof of our house. We needed not only the EMS, but also the Fire Department. All of the first responders did a remarkably good job securing his severely broken leg and getting him off the roof!

The emergency medical technicians got him to Lancaster General Hospital quickly and safely. He required four hours of surgery and a five-day hospital stay.

On Sept. 10, he awoke during the night with a fever. Fearing infection in his leg, we again needed to call EMS. They responded quickly, evaluated the situation and again, transported him swiftly to LGH. By God’s Good Grace, he did not have an infection in his leg, but a “raging” UTI.

Words cannot express our deep appreciation for our local EMS and our Fire Department. Please dig as deeply as possible to support these fine first responders!


West Donegal Township

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