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Letter to the Editor: Green New Deal Will Be Better Than Nuclear Power Bailout

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Are you ready for the next corporate handout? The Pennsylvania General Assembly’s Nuclear Energy Caucus is, and its plan is now available on paper. After eight months of shoulder-rubbing with donors from the energy industry, the NEC has given us its top four picks in the Bicameral NEC Report. So what are the options?

1) Do nothing and die.

2) Declare our atom bombs are as natural as the wind, water and sky.

3) Same as No. 2, but let’s put a safety valve on that bomb.

4) Taxes.

This is serious. I have heard that nearly 16,000 jobs … no, 3,000 jobs … no, wait, 300 jobs … OK, jobs will be lost if we don’t do something to stop this epidemic of nuclear plant closures. Tell me, how did we get here? The abundance of cheap natural gas, you say? Well, just tax those cheapskates! At least we’ll get back the grant money given to the oil and gas industry for the last round jobs. Oh, fool me once.

Aren’t there any other ways to avoid this catastrophe? Is there a plan out there to dramatically convert our aged energy infrastructure to a clean, efficient and reliable marvel while creating thousands of guaranteed jobs? Yes, there is. It’s called the Green New Deal! The work done by the NEC should be applauded because it points to the problems that our old policies cannot address, but it doesn’t have the solution. We need a Green New Deal.



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