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Letter to the Editor: Democrats Believed Kavanaugh Accusers, Not Bill Clinton’s

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After watching “The Clinton Affair” recently on TV, I seem to be living in an alternate universe. In a monumental act of hypocrisy, Democrats wholeheartedly supported the uncorroborated allegations of a woman against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, while the mainstream media fell into lockstep behind them. Contrast that to the sexual allegations by multiple women against Bill Clinton, who, to avoid possible criminal prosecution for lying under oath about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, agreed to a suspension of his law license. These women were not believed and were excoriated by Democrats.

The media and nightly talk shows followed with a number of shaming jokes about these women and questioned their believability. Conversely, in a spectacle that can only be described as an American horror story, Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee tried every vile trick in the books to destroy Kavanaugh and hisfamily while many Americans watched in disbelief. From leaking to lying,grandstanding for the next election, publishing stories that were unbelievable on their face, these monsters used dirty tricks more suited to the mob than the halls of government. This happens routinely with Democratic politicians who were “for it before they were against it.” Quest for power eliminates a moral compass and corrupts absolutely.


Mount Joy

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