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Handbill Circulated by Star Barn Supporters

Following is the text of a handbill distributed by supporters of the Star Barn at a rally in Elizabethtown on Thursday, April 11:

I am here today not in protest of the LGBTQ Community, but instead in support of David Abel and the Star Barn to exercise his religious freedom. We live in a great Nation that was founded on Religious freedoms; Our Constitution was written based on these same biblical Christian values.

What makes of a Christian is the fact that we have given our lives to a God who gave us His very life. He suffered, died, was buried, and rose again in three days, so that we could have our sins forgiven and be set free. We are ALL sinners, saved by grace. Jesus loved all of us so much that he gave His very life for us.

Our faith is based not only on that fact, but on the Bible. In the Bible we find who God is, how much he loves us, and rules to live by. It’s those rules that sets a plumb line for us to build on a firm foundation. In the Bible are guidelines for marriage, and it clearly states repeatedly, that marriage is a holy covenant between God and one man and one woman. To dishonor that, would build us on a faulty foundation.

We are called to love one another. David Abel, and all of us, LOVE all these people. He has stated that he would be a friend to them, hire them, welcome them on his property, but cannot join them in a holy union of marriage. A union God calls “an abomination and will have eternal consequences”. This is asking us to compromise our core foundation., To lose our religious freedom.

I live in a neighborhood, where Muslims are on my left, Buddhist are on my right, and Jehovah witnesses are at my back door, there used to be a Mennonite behind me. I don’t tell Muslims they can’t fast for Ramadan, or Buddhist she shouldn’t set up statues in her house, or that Jehovah witnesses should celebrate Christmas, and the Mennonite to take off her covering. Those are their religious freedoms, that’s why it makes us such a great nation. We live, love and respect each other, We got to each other’s homes, share meals together and truly love and care for one another.

We are a country of many different cultures, religions, beliefs and convictions. We must learn to live in unity together, without imposing our beliefs on others. What you are asking David Abel to do is go against his convictions and God’s Biblical law. We stand with him and say we can’t compromise our faith.

In Christian Love,

Karen Keener

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