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False Report Made of Gun in School

Police are investigating a false report of a gun made through a system that allows people to send anonymous text messages to the police officer assigned to the Elizabethtown Area School District.

The report was made the afternoon of Thursday, May 11. The school resource officer, Richard Regel, was told that a student had a gun in his possession on school property. Other Elizabethtown police officers responded to the high school-middle school complex along with officers from other departments in the area.

After interviewing students, faculty and staff and conducting several searches, it was determined that there was no gun and there was no threat to safety, police said.

Superintendent Michele Balliet said in a message to parents that the high school and middle school were put in a “shelter-in-place,” or lockdown, for about 15 minutes.

The report was made through a system designed to allow students to make truly anonymous reports to police. To ensure anonymity, the messages are sent through a server in Canada to prevent the origin of the messages from being subpoenaed through American courts.

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