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Extraordinary Give Raises More Than $10.5 Millon; Many Local Groups Benefit

The annual Extraordinary Give event, raised $10,550,282 for 522 charitable groups from 28,745 donors over a 24-hour period.

This has been the biggest year for donations since the 24-hour donating marathon started in 2012, even though there was a blip in the connection of the ExtraGive’s website for more than half an hour the night of Friday, Nov. 22.

Many of the donations were made at an “Elizabethtown Is Extraordinary” event held at Mount Calvary Christian School in Elizabethtown.

Among the charitable groups benefiting were many from the Elizabethtown, Mount Joy and Marietta areas. They included Rainbow’s End Youth Services, which got $89,840 from 203 donors; Brittany’s Hope, $81,837 from 126 donors; Mount Calvary Christian School, $26,436 from 129 donors; Cornerstone Youth Center, $24,865 from 72 donors; Elizabethtown College, $24,730 from 66 donors; Susquehanna Waldorf School, $23,703 from 155 donors; Elizabethtown Community Housing & Outreach Services; $21,464 from 183 donors; Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, $20,433 from 117 donors; Milanof-Schock Library, $16,995 from 178 donors; Elizabethtown Public Library, $13,345 from 157 donors; 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue; $9,941 from 192 donors; Donegal Chapter of Trout Unlimited, $7,685 from 72 donors; Donegal Foundation, $6,640 from 39 donors; Elizabethtown Area Communities That Care, $5,110 from 51 donors; Donegal Presbyterian Church, $4,480 from 29 donors; Haldeman Mansion Preservation Society, $4,400 from 55 donors; Friendship Fire & Hose Co #1 (Elizabethtown Fire Department), $2,955 from 35 donors; Elizabethtown Child Care Center, $2,460 from 32 donors; Winters Heritage House Museum, $2,385 from 26 donors; The Marietta Community House, $2,350 from 26 donors; Dog Park Mount Joy Inc., $1,815 from 34 donors; Bible2School Elizabethtown, $1,390 from 14 donors; Donegal Substance Abuse Alliance Corporation, $1,250 from 16 donors; GEARS (Greater Elizabethtown Area Recreation & Community Services), $1,235 from 22 donors; Elizabethtown Historical Society, $490 from 12 donors.

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