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Elizabethtown Nonprofit to Launch Pre-Arrest Addiction Recovery Program

A community-focused addiction resource program aimed at reducing stigma, mobilizing community stakeholders, coordinating appropriate addition treatment resources for people in need, and ultimately upending recidivism rates in communities across south-central Pennsylvania is set for public launch on Tuesday, Jan. 1.

SecondChancePA is a collaborative effort, combining the resources, passion and expertise of law enforcement and government officials, addiction treatment and peer support professionals, and other community stakeholders to target and respond to the needs of communities in crisis. Headed up by Elizabethtown-based Blueprints for Addiction Recovery Inc. — an addiction treatment and peer support provider network — as well as the Elizabethtown Borough and Northwest Regional police departments, the program functions as a full-service response, assessment, referral, treatment and case management network.

Unique among pre-arrest diversion programs operative in the northeast, SecondChancePA urges individuals and families in the community who are struggling with addiction issues (or who find themselves involved in substance-related criminal activity) to volunteer for participation with the full advocacy and support of law enforcement. Participating police stations will function as “safe spaces” where individuals can come, surrender drugs and paraphernalia, and be immediately assessed and assisted in entering addiction treatment programs appropriate to their needs. Additionally, officers are empowered in their discretion to offer access to the program to any individual they may encounter in the course of their regular duties, and to advocate on participants’ behalf throughout their justice involvement.

Blueprints provides vital assessment, referral and clinical service functions in support of the program’s mission, employing full time Certified Recovery Specialists to respond to walk-ins, anonymous calls, traffic stops, and any other access points or “program gateways” as they describe them.

What’s more, Second-ChancePA is a self-described “comprehensive” resource program; aimed at supporting individuals, families and communities impacted by addictions of every type and severity, not strictly opioids or alcohol, but anyone and everyone who needs help.

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