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Elizabethtown Might Sell Credits From Its Sewage Treatment

Elizabethtown Borough is exploring the sale of credits for wastewater treatment in 2020, Borough Manager Roni Ryan said.

Elizabethtown’s sewage treatment plant does a better job than state regulations require in cleaning up wastewater. This can give the borough credits it can sell to other plant operators that are not doing as good of a job. By purchasing credits, plant operators can avoid costly fines from the state.

Ryan told the Advocate in an email message that the borough has not pursued such a sale for several years because the most recent time it tried, the process was cumbersome and costly and no buyers were found. She said the borough did not plan to participate this year based on previous experiences.

Borough resident Trudy Johnston, who is chief executive officer of Material Matters Inc., has been urging the borough to sell credits. She maintains that for about $500 in legal fees, the borough can sell credits with an estimated value of $105,000 to $180,000.

“We understand that Ms. Johnston is working hard to find credits for her municipal clients, and she makes a compelling argument with her estimated numbers,” Ryan wrote. “There is no guarantee that Elizabethtown Borough would have credits this year, and no reports have been generated to certify or verify credits to finalize a trade this week for her clients.”

Ryan said the Borough Council took action at a special meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 30, to explore the program again in 2020.

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