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Eight Aspiring Businesswomen From Donegal Help Milanof-Schock Library

On Monday, March 19, the Lancaster Chamber’s Women in Business Mentoring Program brought to the Milanof–Schock Library eight juniors from Donegal High School who are participating in the program. One requirement of each student active in the program is to participate in a volunteer experience in her local community. The young women identified Milanof-Schock Library as a place where they wanted to spend time and offer their help.

The students took on a number of spring cleaning tasks for the Library, including cleaning windows and blinds, paper shredding, book organization, etc. Possibly the two most-important things they learned about the library were that, despite being a non-profit organization, the library is a business and that it is technology-driven in their community services.

The Lancaster Chamber Mentoring Program currently serves 118 young ladies from 15 school districts. This eight-month program matches 11th grade students with a business professional and includes a variety of facilitated experiential career exploration opportunities and learning experiences aimed at exposing students to the myriad of educational and professional options that await them after graduation. This very interactive program helps shape and grow the futures leaders of our local workforce by providing guidance, sharing wisdom and offering encouragement to young women during their junior year of high school. Students are connected with very accomplished professional women in the Lancaster County area to receive valuable information about career options including science, technology, engineering and mathematics as well as non-traditional careers for women; educational paths that will be required; the importance of social responsibility and one-on-one experiences through job shadowing.

The library’s website has information about programs, events and all other library services. Patrons may follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up-to-date with what’s going on at the library.

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