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Editorial: Train Station Should Be Fixed; Amtrak Is Out of Excuses Now


How long can it possibly take to replace a fire alarm system?

The elevators at Elizabethtown’s train station have been closed since March 21 along with the station building because the fire alarm system sustained water damage and cannot be repaired. Without a working fire alarm, the elevators and station building do not meet building codes and cannot be used. A replacement fire alarm system must be installed for things to get back to normal.

And all of that was a perfectly reasonable explanation at the end of March.

But with the entire month of April having come and gone, why isn’t the problem resolved? An Amtrak spokeswoman offered no estimate for how long it would take. And at this point, it’s getting ridiculous.

Even if a special system needs to be ordered from a faraway vendor, surely there must be some sort of temporary stopgap solution that could be installed to get the elevators and station building open.

Until this is resolved, it is impossible for people who cannot climb stairs to use the trains. And with the large population of elderly people at Masonic Village, the lack of elevators is a real problem for their mobility.

What’s more, with the station building being closed, there is no access to the ticket vending machine, so the only way to buy a ticket in Elizabethtown is to do so online. For people who lack Internet access or who do not like to use the Internet, that’s a real problem. Also, the station’s restrooms are not available for use.

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker ought to serve his constituents by telling Amtrak to get moving on this. A congressional inquiry should get attention.

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