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Democrats Nominate Full Slate for Elizabethtown Borough Council

Democrats went into the primary election with nobody on the ballot for Elizabethtown Borough Council. They went out with a nominee in each of the borough’s three wards, all made with write-in votes.

The nominations of Kelly Fuddy (First Ward), John Auker-Enders (Second Ward) and Deb Jones (Third Ward) make this the first time in many years that Democrats have nominated an Elizabethtown Borough Council candidate in every ward — perhaps the first time ever.

The three are running against incumbents Tom Shaud (First Ward, covering the people who vote behind the Lutheran church), Jeff McCloud (Second Ward, covering the people who vote at the borough office) and Phillip P. Clark (Third Ward, covering the people who vote at the fire station and at the United Zion Church). Shaud, McCloud and Clark were nominated for re-election by the Republican Party, which is the dominant party in local politics.

To get a nomination with write-in votes, at least 10 people needed to write in the same name during the primary election on Tuesday, May 21. Fuddy had 46 write ins; Auker-Endres had 25 and Jones had 64.

In Mount Joy Borough, David F. Eichler and William A. Hall were unopposed for the two Republican Borough Council nominations to be made in the East Ward. Nobody got the 10 votes needed for a Democratic nomination in that ward. In the Florin Ward, Dominic Castaldi got 17 votes to secure the Republican nomination. He had nine Democratic write-in votes plus another four for the spelling variant “Dominic Costaldi”; spelling variants can only be combined by court order. In the West Ward, Bob Ruschke secured both major parties’ nominations with 14 write-in votes in the Democratic primary and 56 write-in votes in the Republican primary. Another candidate, Brian Youngerman, got 42 write-in votes in the Republican primary.

In Marietta Borough, each major party was entitled to make four nominations for Borough Council, but only two Democrats (Freddy States and Bill Dalzell) and one Republican (Jeffery Marsh) appeared on the primary election ballot. Rebecca Carroll Baltozer was nominated by both major parties with 14 Republican writein votes and 13 Democratic write-in votes. Republicans also nominated Frederick O. Gabriel II with 16 write-in votes and Democrats nominated Elizabeth Garner with 38.

For Donegal school board, Ron Melleby had 409 writein votes in the Republican primary to join Timothy G. Markovits, Robert J. Spayde, Oliver C. Overlander III and Debra L. Sturgis as the party’s nominees. Sturgis, who appeared on both parties’ primary election ballots by cross-filing, is the only nominee of the Democratic Party there.

In East Donegal Township, Allen Esbenshade had 287 write-in votes in theRepublican primary to get the party’s nomination for township supervisor. He is to face Democratic nominee Abram Campbell in the general election. In Rapho Township, Mark E. Erb got 16 Democratic writein votes to get that party’s nomination; he also defeated Duane R. Martin in the Republican primary.

Neither major party nominated anyone with write-in votes for township supervisor in West Donegal, Conoy or Mount Joy townships.

In addition to the nominations made in the two major parties’ primaries, candidates who are not registered to vote in either major party have until Aug. 1 to gather signatures to appear on the general election ballot.

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