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Democrats Lose Full Slate for Borough Council In Elizabethtown

The Elizabethtown Borough Council has an uncontested race after all despite Democrats using write-in votes to nominate candidates to oppose Republican incumbents in all three wards.

Kelly Fuddy got 46 write-in votes for the First Ward Borough Council seat,considerably more than the 10 needed to get the Democratic nomination for the seat now held by Republican Tom Shaud, who is seeking re-election. But Randall O. Wenger,head of the Lancaster County Board of Elections and Registration Commission, told the Advocate that Fuddy was notified aboutthe write-in votes she got by certified mail,which was signed for, but she did not respond to accept the nomination, nor did she file her required Statement of Financial Interest with the borough, so the nomination is listed as vacant.

The Elizabethtown Democratic Committee released a written statement when asked about the First Ward campaign.

“Kelly Fuddy has withdrawn her candidacy for borough council for family reasons. We fully support her choice and know she has her priorities right — family always comes first. Moving forward we encourage everyone to continue to support our excellent candidates in the second and third wards, John Auker-Endres and Deb Jones respectively,” the statement said.

Registered Democrats and Republicans can only get on the general election ballot by being nominated in primary elections. The deadline for candidates other than registered Democrats and Republicans to file signatures to get on the ballot was Thursday, Aug. 1, so it is no longer possible for anyone to get on the ballot to oppose Shaud for reelection in the First Ward this year. The only way Shaud can lose is if more people write the name of an opponent in November than vote for Shaud. The First Ward is the part of the borough where people vote behind the Lutheran church.

In the Second Ward, where people vote at the borough office, Auker-Endres ischallenging Republican incumbent Jeff McCloud. In the Third Ward, where people vote at the fire station or at the United Zion Church, Jones is challenging Republican incumbent Phillip P. Clark.

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