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Conoy Delays Action on Regional Police Agreement

Conoy Township supervisors delayed action on approving a new agreement with East Donegal Township and Marietta Borough for a regional police force, deciding to put the matter on the agenda for the Oct. 10 meeting.

Supervisor Gina Mariani said at the township meeting on Thursday, Sept. 12, that negotiations with the police union were not going as smoothly as thought and she wanted to get the contract with the union signed before renewing the agreement with the other municipalities for the Susquehanna Regional Police Department.

“Until that time, I don’t think we should sign the merger agreement,” Mariani said.

If approved, the new agreement would add officers’ time to the cost-sharing formula. The current formula is based on population, road miles and the number of incidents police need to handle. Mariani said Conoy Township is paying a lot under the current agreement based on the number of road miles it has.

Township Solicitor Matthew J. Crème Jr. said the Marietta Borough Council had voted two days earlier to defer action until October and East Donegal was not considering it until its October meeting, so Conoy is not alone.

In another matter, supervisors accepted the resignation of Mark Willenbecher from the Zoning Hearing Board because he is moving out of the township to Potter County. Willenbecher is a longtime employee of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station who is retiring because the plant is closing. Supervisors voted unanimously to appoint Paul Rich Strickler as Willenbecher’s successor; Strickler was previously an alternate on the board.

Supervisors also voted to donate $10,000 to the Bainbridge Fire Department to defray the cost of a $21,000 electric generator being purchased to keep the fire station powered during an electric outage. The generator was originally expected to cost $33,000 but the fire company was able to find a cheaper option.

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