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Campaign for MDJ Heads to General Election

Republican-endorsed candidate Randall L. Miller easily defeated two cross-filing Democrats for the Republican nomination for magisterial district judge, setting up a contested general election against Democratic nominee Dan Stephenson.

Miller, a Mount Joy Township resident who practices law from an office in Lancaster, got more votes in the Republican primary than his two rivals combined. (He is not to be confused with Randall K. Miller, a lawyer who works from a South Market Street office and is not running in any election.) Stephenson, an Elizabethtown lawyer, and Dauphin County Prison corrections officer Wendy Myers both cross-filed to seek both parties’ nominations. Miller did not gather enough signatures from registered Democrats to get on the Democratic primary ballot.

For the Democratic nomination, Stephenson got 439 votes to defeat Myers, who had 366.

For Elizabethtown school board, the same six candidates cross-filed to seek the five nominations to be made by each party. Democrat Kristy Moore came in last in the Republican contest; the Republicans nominated incumbents Michael Martin, Caroline Lalvani, Craig M. Hummer, Terry L. Seiders and Karen Sweigart for another term. Moore came in first in the Democratic primary and Martin came in last, setting up a general election campaign between Moore and Martin.

For Donegal school board, four candidates were on the ballot for five Republican nominations: Timothy G. Markovits, Robert J. Spayde, Oliver C. Overlander III and Debra L. Sturgis. A fifth nomination is likely to be made with write-in votes, but write-in results were not available on election night. Sturgis appeared alone on the Democratic ballot for Donegal school board; as many as four other Democratic nominations could be made with write-in votes.

In the race for West Donegal Township supervisors, party-endorsed incumbents Douglas Hottenstein and Roger Snyder defeated challenger J. Timothy Smith for the Republican nominations for six-year terms. Hottenstein had 512 votes; Snyder had 626 and Smith had 270; the top two get nominated. They will face off against Democratic nominee Katie Burnett in the general election. For a four-year term, Republican Party-endorsed former supervisor Ralph F. Horne got 432 votes to defeat challenger Richard A. Gibble, who had 342 votes.

In Rapho Township, Mark E. Erb got 585 votes for the Republican nomination for township supervisor to defeat Duane R. Martin, who had 278.

Primaries for supervisors in East Donegal, Conoy and Mount Joy townships were all unopposed. Abram Campbell got the Democratic nomination in East Donegal; John L. Shearer got the Republican nomination in Conoy and Lisa Sargen Heilner and Kevin M. Baker got the two Republican nominations in Mount Joy Township.

In Elizabethtown Borough, incumbent Republicans Tom Shaud (First Ward), Jeff Mc- Cloud (Second Ward) and Phillip P. Clark (Third Ward) were all unopposed for their party’s nomination for another term. Democrat Deb Jones was seeking her party’s nomination in the Third Ward with write-in votes; she needs 10 people to write in her name to get the nomination.

In Mount Joy Borough and Marietta Borough, nominations are nearly certain to be made with write-in votes — again, with 10 write-ins needed to get the nomination.

In Mount Joy Borough, David F. Eichler and William A. Hall were unopposed for the two Republican nominations to be made in the East Ward, but nobody was on the ballot for either party in the Florin Ward and the West Ward. Each of the two major parties is to make one nomination in the Florin Ward and the West Ward.

In Marietta Borough, each major party is to make four nominations for Borough Council, but only two Democrats (Freddy States and Bill Dalzell) and one Republican (Jeffery Marsh) appeared on the ballot.

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