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Wellness Incentive Prize Winners Named

Pictured left to right: Beth Ketchum, EACTC project coordinator; Tyler Keim, Patrick Boyer, Cameron Gable, Dayan Brocious, Kathleen Griffith, Assistant Principal EAHS.

Students from Elizabethtown Area Middle School and Elizabethtown Area High School were recently announced as school-wide “Suite360” prize winners. Suite360, a collaboration between and Elizabethtown Area School District and Elizabethtown Area Communities That Care, is an online student wellness platform for students in grades 7 through 12, and their parents/guardians.

The program provides a toolkit of online modules for students that connect to current risk factors (drug and alcohol use, bullying, mental health) as identified by the bi-yearly Pennsylvania Youth Survey, and other relevant issues and challenges facing today’s adolescents. The goal of Suite 360 is to support students and families in their continued pursuit of leading healthy lifestyles and maintaining emotional resiliency. The school district launched Suite360 in early 2018.

Students who complete online modules are entered into monthly prize drawings, and prizes are awarded to homerooms that complete the most modules each month. Individual winners for June include: Tyler Keim, 7th grade; Patrick Boyer, 8th grade; Samuel Gerace, 9th grade; Cameron Gable, 10th grade; James Neece, 11th grade; and Abby Weidman, 12th grade. Student Cameron Gable won a Kindle Fire, and Dayan Brocious won the grand prize of a Chromebook netbook device. Homerooms with the most modules competed overall were Elizabethtown Academy middle school and high school classes. Individual winners received a Rita’s gift card, and homerooms also received an incentive.

Families who complete a set number of related parent modules (P360) are also eligible to win prizes.

The Suite360 and P360 platforms have been partially supported by the financial contributions of EACTC and the Rotary Club of Elizabethtown.

EACTC is a community organization committed to improving the lives of children, youth, and families in the Elizabethtown area. Using research-based programs, initiatives, and strategies, the organization guides and encourages youth in making positive choices about alcohol, drugs, and other high-risk behaviors. EACTC partners with the schools, parents, churches and businesses to make positive changes in the community.

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