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Truck Gets Stuck in Covered Bridge in Rapho Twp.

Manheim Fire Department photo

A tractor-trailer became wedged in a covered bridge in Rapho Township, causing several hours of work for those responding to the scene and enough damage that the bridge will likely be closed for several weeks.

The accident occurred around 3:10 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 31, at Schenk’s Mill covered bridge on South Erisman Road, between Auction Road and Schenck Road, near Manheim.

Officials at the scene reported significant structural damage.

The tractor-trailer was driven by Warsame Warsame, 22, of Arizona, who was given several traffic citations including restrictions on the use of highways and bridges, according to Manheim Borough police Sgt. Kristopher Keller.

Warsame told police he was lost when he drove onto the bridge, according to Keller.

County bridge inspectors have been called to examine the span, according to Manheim Borough police Chief Joe Stauffer, who said the truck was carrying a 6,000-pound load.

The bridge’s capacity is four tons. The truck and load weighed 38,000 pounds, or about 19 tons, according to Keller.

Fire crews cleared the scene around 6:15 p.m. Officials said the bridge could be closed for several weeks.

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