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Six Bears Play in L-L Boys Soccer All-Star Game

Braden Kreider (red) takes a touch away from a defender in the Lancaster-Lebanon League boys soccer All-Star game on Sunday, Nov. 12, at Jane Hoover Field. Kreider was a 1st team All-Star and led Elizabethtown with 16 goals and 13 assists this season. Photo by Bret Pallotto

Braden Kreider, Colin Wieand, David Shank, Adan Cabrera-Perez, Grey Fertich and Austin Denlinger represented Elizabethtown at the Lancaster-Lebanon boys soccer All-Star game on Sunday, Nov. 12.

Kreider, Wieand and Shank were named 1st team All-Stars and Cabrera-Perez, Fertich and Denlinger were named 2nd team All-Stars. David Buckwalter did not play in the game, but he was the team’s Academic All-Star.

The Lancaster-Lebanon all-stars were separated into three teams (red, blue and gray) with each team playing the other two at Jane Hoover Field, as Elizabethtown hosted the event. Each game was one 45-minute half.

The Elizabethtown grouping all played for Team Red and three of the six started side-by-side. Wieand and Fertich played center back while Cabrera-Perez was playing left outside back. Kreider and Shank played an attacking role and Denlinger was in goal.

Team Red and Team Blue were engaged in a scoreless battle in the first game of the day before Kreider began to make an attacking run from his midfield position. Kreider finished the run with a pass out wide to the left that settled at Cabrera-Perez’s feet. A touch toward the center of the field set up Cabrera-Perez’s shot that bounced off the right goal post before hitting the left goal post and bouncing over the line.

A few minutes later, Cabrera-Perez returned Kreider’s assist with one of his own. Kreider’s goal gave team red a 2-0 lead that they would not relinquish.

After a 45-minute break during the second game, Team Red played Team Gray in what was essentially the championship game between the three teams.

Elizabethtown once again had a considerable impact on the game as Kreider earned his second assist on a goal by Shank. Team Red went on to win the game 2-1.

When combining both games, Kreider finished with a goal and two assists. Elizabethtown players accounted for three of the four games that team red scored.

“It gives me a good boost to motivate myself for college to say that I played against all these great players and put some stats up,” Kreider said. “I always think of myself as an overall player and I think I showed it.”

Having the league’s best talent competing against each other in one location brought out several college coaches to scout the event as well. Those in attendance included, but are not limited to, Millersville coach Steve Widdowson and Lock Haven coach Patrick Long.

Kreider said that he was aware of the coaches in attendance before the game and their presence provided added motivation to perform at a high level.

“Even though it’s crazy cold and hard to breathe,” Kreider joked.

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