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Old Bainbridge Elementary Playground Equipment Given to Conoy Township

As part of the Bainbridge Elementary School renovation project, the Elizabethtown Area School District has partnered with Conoy Township to reuse the school’s current playground equipment. The school will be getting new equipment for its campus while the old will be carefully disassembled and relocated to parks throughout Conoy Township.

“Our students at Bainbridge participated in a year-long project in which they researched and designed their dream playground for the school,” said Michele Balliet, superintendent of schools. “Our current playground equipment is in good condition and we are thrilled it will stay in the community and benefit the children of Conoy Township for years to come.”

The district’s board of education voted in June to approve the donation of playground equipment to the township. The district was unable to repurpose the equipment due to Pennsylvania School Code that governs the specifications for school playground equipment.

At a small ceremony, township supervisors Gina Mariani and Stephen L. Mohr joined Balliet, school business manager George Longridge, and district buildings and grounds director Richard Kahley to celebrate the donation. Mohr, who is chairman of the Board of Supervisors, said the playground equipment will greatly enhance the recreational experience of the community’s youth at the parks.


“The donated equipment has far too many years of use remaining to have it be discarded. The preservation of this equipment is important to the community due to the fact that the children of the Bainbridge Elementary School actually raised the funds and with the cooperation of the PTO and the Township saw the eventual installation of the playground,” Mohr said. “On behalf of all the residents of Conoy, I want to thank all those involved in making this donation happen. This equipment belonged to the people and it will continue to belong to the people, for all to use.  Also I would like to express a big thank you from all of us in Conoy for allowing us to continue to be home to the Bainbridge Elementary School. You are always welcome to enjoy what we have in Conoy Township. Blue Sky.”

Conoy Township is in the process of identifying where the equipment will be relocated but expects it to be distributed among several locations. These could include the most heavily used playground just two blocks away from the school on Arch Street in the Village of Bainbridge receiving the largest multi-sectioned piece of the equipment.  The remainder of the donated equipment will be used to enhance Conoy’s four other existing parks containing play areas and equipment with two of those parks being located in the Bainbridge area and two of those parks being located in the Falmouth area.

“It’s gratifying to know that the playground equipment is being installed in our community for the benefit of the children. We are thrilled and appreciate the partnership we have with the elected officials of Conoy Township who jumped at the opportunity to repurpose this quality equipment,” Balliet said.

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