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Mount Joy Borough Residents Protest Mandate to Build Curbs, Sidewalks

Mount Joy Borough residents vigorously protested a borough ordinance mandating construction of sidewalks and curbs at homeowner expense.

Upon street paving, borough ordinance requires that curbs, sidewalks and ramps in the right-of-way must be constructed, replaced or repaired and maintained at homeowner expense. Notices detailing the amounts of curbs, sidewalks and ramps to be installed or replaced are mailed to property owners by March 31 of the year prior to the year of paving with the improvements to be completed by May 31 of the year ofpaving.

William Hall recused himself as a council member to lead off the public protest at the meeting on Wednesday, May 9.

“Application of the sidewalk ordnance and its waivers is inconsistent — common sense needs to be applied,” Hall said.

Twelve residents stridently protested the sidewalk mandate from the points of unexpected and unaffordable cost (which they estimated at $10,000 to $30,000 per home) and destruction of trees. Many questioned the need for sidewalks in low pedestrian traffic areas like dead-end alleys, steep hills and alongside fields which they characterized as “sidewalks going nowhere.” Several expressed the view that sidewalks, like roadways, are infrastructure that should be paid for by the borough, not homeowners.

“We have heard your concerns. We will evaluate and reconsider,” Council President Charles Glessner said.

Also at the meeting, the Borough Council voted to advertise its ward population equalization plan prior to its planned implementation on Jan. 1, 2019.

In other business, barber Andrew Mayersky received a special commendation from Mayor Tim Bradley for providing emergency assistance to an injured motorist on East Main Street in December.

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