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Mount Joy Borough Doesn’t Plan Property Tax Increase

Mount Joy Borough’s residents will experience their fifth consecutive year without a property tax increase according to the 2018 general fund budget proposed by borough council.   The last tax increase was in 2013.

The proposed borough 2018 real estate tax rate is 3.754 mills on each dollar of assessed value as compared with the 2017 tax levy of 4.91 mills. The borough rate was lowered to balance the county’s increased property reassessment in order to keep the net real estate tax the same as in 2017. For example the real estate tax collected by Mount Joy Borough for a home assessed at $200,000 would be $750.80.

The largest expense segment is $1,463,658, or 34 percent of the total budget for Public Safety, up 4 percent from 2017. This reflects a new police contract for 2018.

General Government expense of $333,375 is up 2 percent from 2017 and Community Development expense is up 2 percent at $46,350. Library/Other Organization and Community Development expenses are slightly increased. The Debt, Insurance & Capital Planning category at $1,426,429 is down $176,300 or 11 percent from 2017. Public Works and Parks expenses are reduced from 2017.

Projected tax revenue of $3,531,658 is $14,447 more than in 2017. Other income sources are Intergovernmental Revenues at $237,365, Licenses & Permits at $129,500, Fines & Forfeits at $25,000 and Interest & Rents at $14,600.

Borough Manager Samuel Sulkosky said the borough is in sound financial condition. It is debt free, having paid off all general obligation notes in 2017. Police and non-uniform pension funds are in sound financial condition. the borough’s general fund budget was greatly assisted by the borough’s staff successfully securing multiple grants for storm water projects, complete streets plans and traffic signalization. The borough was able to successfully secure substantial savings in its group health insurance coverage while at the same time improving coverage for employees.

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