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Masonic Village Gives $15K for Kids

The Masonic Village at Elizabethtown recently pre­sented a check for $15,000 to the Elizabethtown Area Education Foundation to benefit the foundation’s educational classroom grant program. Over the past eight years, the Masonic Village has gifted the foundation $135,000 for its grant program.

The foundation’s educational classroom grant program awards funds to Elizabethtown Area School District teachers for creative and innovative programs in the areas of academics, the arts, and extra-curricular activities. Since its inception in February 2009, the foundation has awarded over 80 grants totaling more than $139,000 to school district teachers.

Presenting the check from Masonic Village was Dr. Cindy Phillips, executive director of the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown. Accompanying Phillips was retirement living residents’ association member Nancy Halliwell.

Dr. Michael Worman, foundation president; and Dr. Michele Balliet, superintendent of schools for the Elizabethtown Area School District; and foundation board member Lisa Dolan received the ceremonial check on behalf of the foundation. Joining Balliet and Worman in receiving the donation were Kevin Hufnagl, EAHS teacher and grant recipient, as well as two of his students Gavin Reed and Kelsey Wagner.

Hufnagl’s grant was to purchase a drone to be integrated across numerous subject areas from agriculture, to video technology, to science. Drones are current and emerging technology that is revolutionizing how many industries conduct business and gather relevant information. Drones are currently being used in agriculture, ecological assessment, conservation initiatives, and environmental cleanup. Having controlled, safe access to this cutting edge technology offers students and teachers a unique opportunity to experience real-world innovation and brings excitement to the classroom.

The foundation’s mission is to secure funding and award monies to provide supp­lemental resources that will enrich and enhance teaching and learning in the Elizabethtown Area School District and help prepare students for the 21st century. Individuals and businesses are encouraged to support the Elizabethtown Area Education Foundation by making a donation to the private 501(c)(3) entity. All contributions to the Elizabethtown Area Education Foundation are tax deductible. Anyone who wants more information on the foun­dation may contact Troy Portser at 717-367-1521 or

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