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Market Street Bridge Still Out; Flooding Is One Cause of Delay

Several unforeseen problems have developed with the replacement of the Market Street Bridge — the recent torrential storms among them — with the new goal to have the bridge open to traffic by Saturday, Aug. 18, two days before the opening of the Elizabethtown Fair.

In addition to flooding from five days of rain, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced on Thursday, July 26, that additional shoring needed to be installed. Also, there was an error in the placement of some of the micro-pilings that needs to be corrected.

PennDOT said it was unclear how much damage came from the flooding since it was necessary to wait for the water to recede so that the contractor can assess what damage has occurred and address it. Also, PennDOT said some truck drivers were not following the official signed detourand may be cited by the local police for using local roads rather than the official detour that uses state roads.

Elizabethtown Police Chief Ed Cunningham announced on Monday, July 30, that police used their authority under a borough ordinance to enact a temporary ban on commercial vehicles using several local streets near the missing bridge. The ban does not affect emergency vehicles and approved local deliveries. Police said residential streets crowded by trucks have the potential to block emergency vehicles.

The streets affected by this temporary restrictioninclude West Summit Street,

from North Market Street to North Poplar Street; East Summit Street from North Market Street to North Mount Joy Street; West Willow Street, from North Market Street to Maple Street; West Hummelstown Street from North Market Street to Maple Street; East Hummelstown Street from North Market Street to North Spruce Street and North Spruce Street from East Willow Street to East High Street.

This temporary restriction was effective immediately and will, by ordinance, last for 72 hours. Cunningham said the restriction would bereevaluated after 72 hours to determine if it is appropriate and effective.

A restriction announced earlier prohibited commercial vehicles from using North Poplar Street between Market Street and Hummelstown Street; that restriction remains in effect.

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