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Marietta Borough Has Council Vacancy

New faces were seen on council at the first Marietta Borough Council meeting of the new year.

New councilmen Robert Shambaugh and Louis McKinney sat on council for the first time at the meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 9.

Shambaugh was voted council vice president and was made a Public Health and Safety Committee member. McKinney was placed on the Outreach Committee.

Councilor Glen Mazis was chosen as president after 2017 President Bridey Hannold declined the nomination. Mazis was also named to the Administrative Committee.

Mazis has been on council for the past two years. He was also an alternate to the Planning Commission and Chairman of the Planning/Zoning/Environment Committee, as well as the liaison to the Planning Commission.

Hannold was named council’s representative to the Marietta/Donegal Joint Sewer Authority.

And council named Sharon Bradnick as secretary-treasurer.

Brandon S. Harter of the law firm Russell, Krafft & Gruber was named council solicitor.

Also at the meeting, newly-elected Mayor Harold Kulman, who was a councilman until taking over as mayor, invited the residents of Marietta to call him with any comments or concerns.

“I want to be available to you, you know. You know where I live. I live across the street, “ Kulman said. “If you have a problem, give me a call. I consider one of my jobs to be to hear from you what your complaints are, for example.”

Kulman said in 2018, he will continue talks on the safety of Route 441 and on the future of the river trail and extending it to the Marietta Boat Club.

Despite the new members, council still has openings. A special council meeting is scheduled at 6 p.m. on Jan. 30 at 111 E. Market St., Marietta. At the meeting, council will appoint someone to replace Kulman on council for the next two years.

Also at the meeting, council will declare another opening to be filled within 30 days. In the election, Bill Dalzell ran and was elected to council, however, it was found that he failed to meet the requirement that members must be borough residents for one year prior to election. Dalzell failed to meet the residency requirement by less than 30 days.

Council will ask anyone interested in that position to submit a letter of interest.

After the meeting, Mazis discussed his 2018 goals in an interview.

Mazis said there will be some five-year planning done for the borough this year, and more grants will be researched.

He said the borough recently received a $60,000 grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to upgrade parks and green infrastructure.

“We’re hoping to project a future for Marietta – how we’d like to develop the town, how we’d like to work with the trail to our advantage,” Mazis said.

Mazis said there will be a summit next month with the other river towns, Wrightsville and Columbia, to work together for long-range planning.

New councilman McKinney said at the meeting he is interested in bringing an amphitheater to Marietta. He said he has spoken with East Petersburg officials, who received a grant to construct their amphitheater from a car dealership in return for the naming rights. He envisions Marietta partnering with a local company for the same purpose.

“We have a gold mine right here. I want to use it,” McKinney said in an interview, saying that the river trail is bringing people to Marietta.

He also said that he wants to see a dog park open in the borough.

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