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Local Students Excel in Engineering Club

Elizabethtown Area School District students in the Engineering Club have been excelling in competitions lately.

The Engineering Club is open to all EASD seventh through 12th grade students who are interested in designing, building, and testing things. Students select engineering or robotic competitions. They form teams and prepare for the competitions during the after school club time and on their own time. The club’s goal is to compete to the best of the members’ ability and to help others compete to the best of their ability.

This year, the Engineering Club had one student come in fourth place at the South Central Pennsylvania Robotics Competition in November. In addition, the Engineering Club has a middle school and a high school team that will be competing in the Team America Rocket Competition. They need to launch three eggs to a height of 850 feet and land them without breaking in 44 seconds. If they do well, they can advanceto the national and international levels. The club also has a middle school and a high school team that will be competing in the Nanoline Contest sponsored by Phoenix Contact. They need to make something that is automated. The middle school team is making a bedside table that will make a cup of coffee in the morning when the alarm goes off. The high school team is making an automated train depot that sorts the containers from the train into the correct warehouse. The club also has a high school team that will be competing in the Sea, Air, and Land Challenge. They need to make a land robot that is controlled through a video screen. The land robot will have to navigate an obstacle course and pick up blocks to deposit in the correct areas. They also have to make a drone that will fly over a course, see what is in different boxes, and drop a payload into the correct box.

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