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Letter to the Editor: Thanks to All Who Have Backed Me in Senate Race

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As the 2018 campaign season comes to a close I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Elizabethtown area residents who have supported my run for the 36th District State Senate seat. It has been a thrilling year and an experience I will never forget.

As many of you know I was injured pretty badly in a car accident in late February. For a while there was no guarantee that I would live, let alone be able to campaign. But with the help of dedicated doctors and nurses, and the encouragement of friends and family I managed to recover after 12 weeks in hospital and rehabilitation beds.

These last several months have been challenging but also invigorating. Throughout the fairs, parades, town halls and appearances with other Democrats I have become more convinced than ever that the solutions to our problems are within reach.

Like you, I am saddened and angered by the anti-Semitism and racism that has troubled our country of late; the bombs, the shootings, the merciless attacks against people in worship. It is a reminder of how much work we need to do, a reminder that our country and our commonwealth now more than ever need people fighting hard for the needs of our friends, our neighbors, and our communities.

We especially need to do our part for those left behind, those who’ve been shut out, and for those who fear their hard work is no longer being rewarded the way it once was.

These last few months, I’ve had some heated discussions with political opposites, but they have been more than outnumbered by polite conversations that result in smiles, handshakes, and respect. We can disagree. We can part as friends. It means we can try again. We can find solutions that don’t mean one set wins and one loses.

We can fight for higher wages for working families while supporting small businesses and family farms. We can work for balanced tax reform that gives a break to our seniors and working families while still fairly funding our schools. We can reap the benefits of natural gas drilling while still protecting our soil, air, water, and property rights. We can fight for health care for everyone while still ensuring safe jobs for nurses and caregivers. We can support a robust public-health based approach to the opioid crisis and still make our neighborhoods safe.

I’ve always believed we can find solutions that don’t leave people behind, that support working families; all working families. It takes hard work. And it takes people who are willing to sit down and talk.

These last several months have shown me that we can indeed win the fight to build a commonwealth that works for all of us. It starts with a conversation.

Join me on Tuesday, Nov. 6, at the polls to help make it happen.



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