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Letter to the Editor: Thank You to Generous People of Elizabethtown

Many call Elizabethtown “home.” A community where we community members live, raise families, shop, play, and educate ourselves. Although we are different in many ways we breathe the same air. That air gives us life. In a similar way, we are each encouraged by a smile that meets us while passing someone on the street or a kind gesture made to us in friendship. These small moments can encourage and inspire our day.

The community members in Elizabethtown are extremely generous. It is with heartfelt gratitude that we offer a huge “thank you” to hundreds of volunteers who extended those smiles or kind gestures while serving at the Elizabethtown Winter Shelter and Day Center this past winter season. Generous volunteers gave countless hours providing food, donating clothes, greeting evening guests, staying overnight, cleaning up the facility in the morning, and providing mentoring and support during the winter months. This year the Elizabethtown Winter Shelter & Day Center served more individuals and families in need than ever before; 1010 beds were filled over the 17 weeks the shelter was in operation. There is no doubt that our community continues to have a need for an emergency cold season shelter!

Because of you — compassionate community members, host churches (St. Paul’s United Methodist Church and Christ Lutheran Church), and local businesses and organizations — hope and encouragement have been infused into our community members who were in need of basic shelter and support. We are so grateful to our community for such willing and abundant support! We are so grateful to call Elizabethtown our home!



Elizabethtown Community Housing & Outreach Services (ECHOS)

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