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Letter to the Editor: Smucker’s Self-Awareness Lacking in Ice Cream Reaction

I’d like to suggest a new ice cream flavor in honor of Congressman Lloyd Smucker and his campaign: “Smucker’s Sour Grapes.”

The response by the Smucker campaign to partnering with the founders of Ben & Jerry’s to raise money for progressive candidates such as Smucker’s opponent Jess King — on top of being the predictably petty reaction to a minor news item that one would expect from a threatened incumbent — shows a complete lack of self-awareness.

The Smucker campaign makes the assertion that the King campaign receives “hundreds of thousands of dollars from liberal elites.” The insinuation, of course, is that money from the wealthy and from those outside the district is tainted. Curious then, that on top of hundreds of thousands that Smucker accepts from out-of-district corporate political action committees, none of which is accepted by the King campaign, Smucker is also happy to accept contributions from out-of-state billionaires such as the Koch brothers (the nation’s second richest family).

Smucker himself is nothing if not an “elite.” By all measures, he is a 1 percenter. Smucker’s financial disclosures for 2016 reveal between $1 million and $5 million in assets, according to He had over half a million dollars in cash on hand to lend his campaign in 2016.

The Smucker campaign needs to order a double scoop of self-reflection.



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