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Letter to the Editor: Political Landscape Filled With Division, Broken Precedents

The vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is considered a win to some. However, as I reflect on all the precedents that were broken to “win,” that win feels like a collective loss.

I am saddened that we set dangerous precedent regarding the Senate’s duty to consider every Supreme Court nominee. I am appalled that a U.S. president and members of the Senate would publicly ridicule sexual assault survivors. I am concerned by aggressive rhetoric and a lack of decorum within confirmation hearings. The means that set precedent were apparently justified by the end.

Who do we become as we recast our moral beliefs and values to achieve certain ends? Can we evoke sanctity of life arguments while imprisoning children, separating families, and making death threats to a sexual assault survivor? Can we turn a blind eye to the plight of refugees on Lesbos, rationalizing that we are only moral within particular spaces and situations?

I don’t believe we win if we no longer recognize who we are when we arrive at the finish line. All I see is a political landscape of harm, hurt, division, and broken precedents that endanger our care for each other and the responsibility of governance.



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