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Letter to the Editor: We Need Independent Thinkers Like Jess King in Congress

Many people are fed up with politics as usual. Many have thus put their faith in President Donald Trump. Trump, however, thrives on division. Race. Religion. Class. He distorts the meaning of law and patriotism for his own advantage. We cannot allow Trump to continue dividing us.

He has already destroyed the party I once knew. After 37 years as a Republican, I left. The GOP no longer reflects my values. As a Christian, I believe there is a better way.

Jess King speaks of her love for God and the call to love our neighbors as ourselves.For 20 years, she has fought poverty through entrepreneurship.

She will use those experiences to guide our policies. She knows America must work for all of us — regardless of race, regardless of religion, regardless of class. She understands that our destiny as a nation relies on a shared commitment to one another.

King, who holds an MBA and is the former executive director of a nonprofit organization, knows how to develop fiscally responsible policies. She walks the talk. Her grassroots campaign engages everyday people. She is accessible, holding dozens of public meetings and encouraging questions. Where’s Congressman Lloyd Smucker?

I know King personally. She is an independent thinker who will challenge both the Democratic and Republican parties. She will work for us and not for outside interests or extreme ideologies.

On Nov. 6, let’s break the mold and make Jess King Lancaster County’s first U.S. congresswoman.


West Donegal Township

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