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Letter to the Editor: How Low Can Liberals Go With Corrupt Moral Compass?

I am sure the last couple of years have been agonizing for liberals. While focusing on nonexistent Russian collusion to get rid of President Donald Trump, they lost their self-proclaimed moral high ground. Their mainstream media collaborators, Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose as well as others, were fired for sexual harassment. Their many big donors and liberals in Hollywood were outed as sexual harassers, and some as serial rapists. This has been known but unspoken for many years.

Meryl Streep, the woman who called Harvey Weinstein a “god” a few years ago, went on to lecture Trump voters at the Academy Awards about the president’s actions before he was in office. At the recent Academy Awards, actors attacked the National Rifle Association while being protected by hundreds of police and security guards in the theater and outside.

Hypocritically, they continue to produce movies that show people being shot, blown up or demolished in the most gory and vicious ways. Children are introduced and hardened to killing via violent video games. Meanwhile, they push their progressive politics with every new show that comes to theaters or TV.

They pander to all minorities, celebrate unwed couples having babies, denigrate Christianity, and use the foulest of language in their songs and interviews. It’s no wonder TV viewing has decreased. Their moral compass has long ago been corrupted, and it is now in the spotlight as more and more women come forward. How low can you go?


Mount Joy

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