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Letter to the Editor: Letting Big Cities Write Their Own Gun Laws Is a Dumb Idea

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About the editorial by the Philadelphia Inquirer (“Pennsylvania Should Let Big Cities Write Local Gun Laws,” Advocate, Dec. 27): What a stupid, stupid, stupid idea from another stupid politician.

So you have a legal concealed carry permit and you drive through a gun hating city and they wrote a law forbidding concealed carry, you’re a criminal.

You’re going deer hunting and you drive through a city that wrote a law banning guns over .22 caliber, you’re a criminal.

Going target shooting with your semi, criminal again for breaking one cities gun hating no semi gun law.

I’m a citizen of Pennsylvania, not Philadelphia or Pittsburg, in fact I’m a citizen of the United States of America and should be allowed to carry anywhere in the U.S.

Now to the fake numbers and lies. Yes, more people were killed by guns in Pennsylvania then by vehicle, bu out of 1,555 only 723 were homicides, so it’s a lot less then by vehicle. Don’t blame guns for suicides because if you’re going to commit suicide you don’t need a gun.

Gun homicides in the state are among the highest in the nation, out right lie here, According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (not some gun hating group’s numbers), Pennsylvania ranked 30th!

Idea for Sen. Dan Frankel: Lock up all your criminals for good and the gun crime rate will go down.


Rapho Township

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