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Letter to the Editor: Letter Misrepresents Medicaid Work Mandate Legislation

A bill we supported that is designed to benefit Pennsylvanians who are working toward financial independence was misrepresented in a letter to the editor by Dwight Eichelberger (“Bill Would Cut Cheap Coverage,” Advocate, May 31).

To correct these inaccuracies, the facts are clear: Adding Medicaid work requirements for able-bodied individuals – those who aren’t disabled, elderly or pregnant – has been proven to move people out of poverty.

People’s income rose quickly and beyond the value of the benefits they had been receiving in other states that made this change.

In Pennsylvania, the cost to help thousands of people escape poverty would be minimal as the infrastructure to enforce similar work requirements for food stamps and cash assistance is already in place.

We were proud that both Republicans and Democrats from across the commonwealth joined us in voting for the opportunity to help people who receive public assistance. They, like everyone else, deserve to feel the dignity associated with gainful employment.

Rep. DAVE HICKERNELL, West Donegal Township

Rep. MINDY FEE, Manheim

Rep. BRETT MILLER, East Hempfield Township

Rep. KEITH J. GREINER, Upper Leacock Township


Rep. DAVE ZIMMERMAN, East Earl Township

Rep. BRYAN CUTLER, Peach Bottom Township, York County

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