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Letter to the Editor: Let’s Allow Independents to Vote in Pa. Primaries

I agree with both Roy Minet (“Choices in General Elections Could Shake Up Our System,” Advocate, June 14) and Terry Madonna/Mike Young (“Pennsylvania’s Closed Primaries Hurt Moderates’ Chances,” Advocate, June 21) that change is needed to Pennsylvania’s closed primary elections. The closed system disenfranchises an increasing number of voters and hurts moderates’ chances say Madonna/Young and as Minet says, all taxpayers must foot the bill for this, including those who cannot be primary voters.

While the Legislature likely won’t go as far the Libertarians like Minet want, it should take the first step and allow independents and

nonaffiliated voters to vote in the primary elections just as they do in Maine and several other states. It’s well past time to enlarge the pool of primary voters who in my opinion would have a very beneficial and moderating effect on the otherwise very partisan Democratic and Republican primary voters.

This wouldn’t put other parties such as Libertarians on equal grounds with two major parties but it would be a small step in the direction of increasing voter participation and furthering democracy here in Pennsylvania.


Mount Joy

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