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Letter to the Editor: Let Police Do Their Jobs

I have noted with alarm the recent tendency in America to blame the police for controlling criminals with any degree of force. Now, sadly, that thinking has come to Lancaster.

I have lived in many cities in Pennsylvania. The difference I notice between peaceful, quiet, “lawful” (safe) towns and the opposite type — noisy, crime-ridden places that are out of control — is simple. It all comes down to how well the police are allowed to control crime.

Limiting crime depends largely on being fully backed up by the citizens, the police chief, districtattorney and city council. When a local administration no longer “has the backs” of its officers, then the police will stop arriving,

stop controlling, and stop investigating suspicious activities by unsavory characters. They will fear that a cellphone “movie” will land them in hot water: unemployed or in jail for imposing our local laws.

Take a look at Baltimore: The mayor allowed officers to be criminally charged and the result was that the police feel abandoned. They sat inthe station or got there slowly. Statistics will prove this to you.

So, please back up our local police. Do not let small “special interest” factions with hidden agendas allow Lancaster to turn into a dangerous free-for-all. We taxpayers want protection and peace. I believe that the local police deserve our thanks and full respect when they impose the laws with a reasonable and necessary force.



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