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Letter to the Editor: Lady Bears Soccer Team Showed Class to Bereaved Opponents

I just wanted to take a moment to highlight our girls soccer team. There was a bunch of Facebook feed the morning of Friday, Sept. 21, regarding the high class that Central Dauphin East football team showed to the Central Dauphin football team by surrounding the team with prayer and support. Central Dauphin lost one of their students on Saturday, Sept. 15, as a result of what appears to be a drunk driver.

While the Central Dauphin East football team was showing support, Elizabethtown was hosting the girls soccer team and showing class and support of their own. The girls drew green hearts and the number 62 on the inside of their wrists in respect of their lost classmate and a moment of silence was observed during the varsity game. I am so proud of our girls and coaching staff and that the lessons go far beyond soccer. The love shown to Central Dauphin from students all over the area gives us hope.



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