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Letter to the Editor: James Buchanan’s Ranking Among America’s Presidents

James Buchanan, our nation’s 15th president, has been a hot topic in the news lately. Donald Walters, Temple University professor emeritus and former tour guide at Wheatland, wrote an excellent column which appeared in the LNP on April 28. In this article Mr. Walters asked this question: “Was Buchanan our worst president?” As a student at McCaskey High School in the mid-1950s, I accepted the historical verdict that Lancaster’s native son was the presidential bottom dweller. The, along came a peanut farmer from Georgia who was replaced by a skirtchaser from Arkansas. Amazingly, after only one month in office, Barack Obama became the anchorman. My objective response to Mr. Walters’ question is that Buchanan is not our worst president.

When Obama’s legacy is fabricated, he will be locked in this position. When Obama completed his two terms in office, he was taken off the list of our country’s presidents and placed on the list of America’s enemies and here he ranks near the top!


West Donegal Township

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